I plan on spending my summer months like I’ve been prepping for them the entire time I’ve been alive.

The ‘hot girl summer’ expression began as a joke and grew into an inspiring idea. Contrary to popular belief, hot girl summer is about being everything but reckless, mindless, and worthless.

Hot Girl Summer: 3 simple words – 1 motto

It is about acknowledging who you are, what you want, and what you deserve, never settling for anything that challenges that energy. Hot girl summer is about consciously choosing to make the right decision to avoid any negative outcome.

It is all about having fun and letting your crazy go wild. You can live it up the way you please and keep in mind that what you do today will impact your tomorrow – in the best and in the worst ways.

Hot girl summer is about focusing on positive energy, embodying and spreading only good vibes. In a world turned upside down by a pandemic, stopping the spread of a virus is a reality for which we must strive now more than ever. But did you know that 3 out of 4 people will contract some type of HPV at a given point in their life? The odds are high. Let the hot girl summer be a time when these odds are on your side.

Writing this brings me back to high school, a time in my life when I never acknowledged the importance of my decisions and always undermined their powerful impact. I remember internally debating whether to get that Gardasil shot they were offering, not thinking much of it besides ‘why would I get vaccinated for this?’. HPV seemed like something that did not concern me, when in reality it concerns all of us. In retrospect, with more life experience and knowledge, I am so glad I was vaccinated. I am glad I made the wise decision at such a young age to protect myself and others. No matter how safe we think we are, there is always a possibility that we are not safe enough. And hot girl summer is the ultimate time to be truly safer rather than sorry.

Hot girl summer is a movement for all those who want to experience life at its finest, at its fullest, at its best. It is the time to make healthy choices: from the way you dress to the way you eat, from your workout routine to the vaccines you get, from the friends you spend time with to the people you date, from the ones you let into your life to the ones you let inside – literally and spiritually. Everything… Everyone… Every decision you make, every place you go, will hopefully lead you to the hottest version of yourself that you can be, to achieving that glow that comes from within. The glow you can neither buy in a bottle, nor get from a powder box.

It will all be a source of joy and happiness. You will look good and feel greater. You will eat well. You will laugh and smile like it is as effortless as breathing. You will radiate beauty. You will dance off your tears on the nights that never end. And most importantly, you will take care of yourself and listen to your body when it speaks to you. You will treat your mind, body and soul as the temple they are. Your heart will not be broken. Your body will not partake in the spread of a virus.

Hot girl summer is an attitude; it is a state of being. It is about placing your well-being above all else, whatever that may entail for you. If you do it right, you will come out stronger, better, and healthier. Ultimately, hot girl summer can last forever. Well, as long as forever can last…

The Hot Girl Summer Package for Success: a positive mindset, a hunger for life, a head on your shoulders, lifelong healthy decisions, regular checkups at the doctor’s, a face mask and hand sanitizer in your bag, some SPF. And throw a condom in there while you’re at it.

Protection is cool, and some protection is better than none. Protection means forever could last a little longer, a little healthier, and you’ll get to keep that hot girl summer glow the entire time it shines.

Contributed by:

Alexia Hammal