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Achieving Cervical Cancer Screening Excellence Through Empowerment
Stronger Together Joint Statement
Cervical Cancer Cases Surge in Canada: Urgent Call to Action During Cervical Cancer Awareness Month
South Shore Vibe-TVRS
The rate of HPV head & neck cancers is rapidly rising: what more can be done in prevention?
The HPV Vaccine: A parent’s cancer prevention tool.
Key Messages for Physicians – India
Presentation for Physicians: HPV Vaccination Overview – India
Presentation for Physicians: How to Counsel Parents – India
Cervical Cancer Prevention through HPV Vaccination: An Action Guide for Medical Societies – India
Parent Handout: Don’t Wait to Vaccinate – India
Physician Handout: Dosing Schedule and FAQ – India
Physician Handout: Effectively Communicating with Parents about the HPV Vaccine – India
Fact Sheet for Physicians on HPV Vaccination – India
Action Plan Template for Medical Societies – India
In-Clinic Poster – India
Sample Letter: Engaging Physician Champions – India
Sample Letter: To Medical Society Members – India
Sample Letter To Policymakers – India
Sample Op-Ed: Support of HPV Vaccination – India
Social Sharable Video: Physician Champion – India
Sample Certificate of Recognition – Global
Increasing Uptake of HPV Vaccine in Kenya: An Action Guide for Civil Society Organisations
Action Checklist for Civil Societies – Kenya
Factsheet for Health Workers: Frequently Asked Questions – Kenya
HPV Vaccination Job Aid for CHVs – Kenya
HPV Vaccination Poster – Kenya
Presentation: HPV Vaccination Training for Health Workers – Kenya
HPV vaccination: Intention to participate among female senior high school students in Ghana
Parents’ willingness to vaccinate their daughters with human papillomavirus vaccine and associated factors in Debretabor town, Northwest Ethiopia: A community-based cross-sectional study
Will Canada’s HPV prevention plan be on track with WHO 2030 elimination targets?
We can have ‘One less Worry’ without HPV
Is the elimination of cervical cancer possible in Canada without real equity in access to HPV-related prevention services
Understanding Vaccines
HPV Vaccination ‘Unmasks’ Cervical Lesions From Non-Vax Strains
A Troubling Spike in Advanced Cervical Cancer Is Likely to Worsen
Beyond Elimination of Cervical Cancer: A strategy for prevention of head and neck
TVRS South Shore Vibe with Teresa Norris
Frederick got his HPV Vaccine!
Andi’s Story
Ensuring a Successful Transition From Cytology to Human Papillomavirus
WHO calls ISSVD to action on elimination of female genital Shistosomiasis (FGS)
HPV Global Action on Advancements, hosted by Ted Danson
CARD Improving The Vaccination Experience
Nicky Katsara
Natasha Lam
Hazel Yip
RS360 TVRS With Teresa Norris
‘One Less Worry’, we CAN eliminate HPV!
21st Century HPV Prevention Program: Addressing Misinformation and Rapidly Adopting Successful Actions
The Inclusion “Truth”
The Quebec Government Must Now Implement An Hpv Screening Program That Follows The Recommendations Of Inesss And Public Health
Cervical Cancer In Canada
#Play your cards
HPV and Cancers: Why you and your children are at risk
Advancements with Ted Danson
HPV head and neck cancers: We need a control strategy now!
The role of HPV Testing in the Acceleration of the Elimination of Cervical Cancer
Get the COVID-19 vaccine to protect yourself and others
The role of health care professionals in the promotion of cancer prevention through HPV vaccination
Micheline St-Jean delivers an important message about HPV prevention
Samantha McKinnon shares an important message
The HPV vaccine is for everyone
Outbüro and HPV Global Action: The HPV Pandemic
Hot Girl Summer
Canadian Red Cross and HPV Global Action coming together to support women on Mother’s Day
HPV testing for the prevention of cervical cancer: A screening tool with many benefits and some challenges!
Take a listen to this clip about HPV vaccination and then ask yourself: What are you waiting for?
Do people in the 21st century still die of HIV?
Canadian Red Cross and HPV Global Action coming together to support International HPV Awareness Day
Wisdom from a cervical cancer thriver
An important message from The Honorable Peter Kent on Int’l HPV Awareness Day
A patient’s message about HPV prevention
A Call to Action: Ending the Neglect of Female Genital Schistosomiasis
COVID-19 Won’t Be the Last (Or Worst) Pandemic
A Brave New World of Gender Inclusion
HPV Awareness Corporation
Why is the “friendzone” concept harmful?
The Difficult Journey to Diagnosis
Grandpa and Grandma’s date night: Learning about sex
The ABC’s of HPV
Quebec children deserve the same cancer protection as the rest of Canada
Jane’s story #HPVPW17
Spread facts, not fear!
Teresa Norris HPV and Vaccination
Someone You Love: The Epidemic Documentary
The college campus sexual assault epidemic
Happy Galentine’s Day!
Should sex education be taught in school?
What a girl wants
Is it love?
How to build intimacy while protecting yourself
Norman Spack: How I help transgender teens become who they want to be
Tavi Gevinson: A teen just trying to figure it out
Quebec boys sidelined for HPV vaccine
Wilson HPV
A vaccine to combat HPV- Dr. Shobha S. Krishnan
Brigitte Leclerc – Cervical Cancer Survivor
Sex Education Films Through History
Genital Warts
Lady Ganga
Students Learn About HPV, Cervical Cancer
Testimonials from Individuals of Diverse Sexual Orientations
We’ll Release Balloons in Jade’s Memory