The Basics of HPV

The Basics of HPV

What is HPV?

HPV is a virus contracted through skin-to-skin sexual contact, is very infectious, and is spread via sexual activity.

What is the definition of being sexually active?

The definition of sexual activity: The minute you go below the belt with fingers, mouth, or other body parts – even without penetration.

Do condoms prevent HPV?

Condoms give good protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs), unwanted pregnancies, and HPV in general BUT do not fully protect people from this virus because there is still direct skin-to-skin sexual contact.

How predominant is HPV?

4 out of 5 sexually active people will contract one form or another of HPV in their lifetime.

Which cancers are caused by HPV?

    • Tonsils and vocal cords
    • Tongue
    • Throat
    • Anus
    • Cervix
    • Vulva
    • Vagina
    • Penis

What causes genital warts?

HPV causes 100% of genital warts cases.

If I have HPV, can I transmit it to my partner and then be reinfected?

It’s possible. If your partner is HPV positive.