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A Brave New World of Gender Inclusion

Hovering over us every day is a thick cloud of social pollution – these preconceived notions about sexuality and gender. Just like any other pollutant that, if not eliminated, ends up destroying whatever pristine environment is in its path, if these preconceived notions go unchallenged and uncorrected, they will erase any hope we have of...... Read More

The Difficult Journey to Diagnosis

Hello, my name is Amanda Niebergall and I am 32-year-old stage four Cervical Cancer survivor.  Whether I was ready for it or not this label has becoming such a defining aspect of who I am today. My healthcare journey towards getting to this diagnosis had been long and difficult, but I`m fortunate that due to...... Read More

The ABC’s of HPV

As a mother of a fourteen year old boy and eighteen year old girl, all three vaccinated with Gardasil, as well as a Sexual Health Educator, it has come to my attention that many people are lacking unbiased information on the topic of HPV. Numerous people across Canada thanks to the internet, have read recent...... Read More

Quebec children deserve the same cancer protection as the rest of Canada

For the past ten years Quebec had a free, effective and safe HPV vaccination program that protected us and our children from many cancers. Beginning this month, Quebec children will be the only ones in Canada, and even the world, to be given an HPV vaccination program for which there is currently no adequate scientific...... Read More

Jane’s story #HPVPW17

I am 68, sexually active, and use protection. I believe that whether you’re 13, 43 or 73, one’s sexual health is just as important a factor of our overall health as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health are. Last year, I had a test given to women called a PAP test or PAP smear. These...... Read More

Spread facts, not fear!

There are too many articles circulating on the Internet with biased views about Gardasil, the vaccine that prevents the human papillomavirus (HPV), causing a lot of fear and confusion about its safety. It is irresponsible to spread messages that are not supported by proven facts. First, we must rectify that, contrary to what Mme. Rail...... Read More