As Co-President of the organization, Dr. Steben is a family practitioner and a sexual health consultant, and his research focuses mostly on chronic genital diseases including HPV. He is a professor for the Social and Preventive Medicine department of the School of public health at Université de Montréal. He is a sexual health expert and a consultant at Family Medicine Group 1851 where his clinical practice is devoted to a multidisciplinary approach to sexual health.

Dr. Steben is a member of the Canadian STI guidelines expert group. He has chaired the 26th International Papillomavirus Society meeting as well as the first Public Health Workshop and Clinical Workshop in July of 2010. He is currently the Chair of the Canadian Network on HPV Prevention International Centre for Infectious Diseases. He is on the board of the International Society for the Study of Vulvovaginal Disease, International papillomavirus Society, and American STD association. Dr. Steben is a founding member of the IUSTI Canada branch of IUSTI North America.


Ensuring a Successful Transition From Cytology to Human Papillomavirus

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WHO calls ISSVD to action on elimination of female genital Shistosomiasis

Marc Steben, MD; Eyrun Floerecke Kjetland; Teresa Norris

IPVS Policy Statement addressing the burden of HPV disease for Indigenous peoples

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Canada’s Role in Accelerating Global Elimination of Cervical Cancer

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A National Survey of Canadian Adults on HPV: Knowledge, Attitudes, and Barriers to the HPV Vaccine

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A mixed two-dose vaccination schedule: Not enough evidence to support a policy change in Quebec

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A National Survey of Canadian Physicians on HPV-JOGC: Knowledge, Barriers, and preventative practices

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A Review of the Impact and Effectiveness of the Quadrivalent Human Papillomavirus Vaccine: 10 Years of Clinical Experience in Canada

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What do Key Stakeholders Think About HIV Self-Testing in Canada? Results from a Cross-Sectional Survey

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Quadrivalent Vaccine against Human Papillomavirus to Prevent Anogenital Diseases

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