Founder and President


Teresa Norris is the Founder and President of HPV Global Action, a National, bilingual registered charity since 2006. As a Sexual Health Specialist with expertise in HPV, she appears regularly nationally and internationally, speaking in public, media, and academic forums on HPV-related issues & sexual health.

The inception of Teresa’s passion for sexual health education stems from the loss of her best friend to cervical cancer at the age of 24 in 2001. Teresa then launched an awareness campaign through a Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation fundraiser in 2002 to raise awareness about HPV, which quickly included scholar tours across the country and prompted public speaking appearances around the globe. This led to the beginning of a career, to date reaching millions of people.

Delivering awareness and spreading vital sexual health education to hundreds of Canadian schools of every demographic and age across the country and overseas is her day-to-day work. Her focus is on bringing leaders together to communicate and provide solutions regarding worldwide HPV prevention and cervical cancer screening challenges. She works with National and International leaders to improve provincial, federal, and global decisions and outcomes, particularly on HPV prevention and screening policies.


Ensuring a Successful Transition From Cytology to Human Papillomavirus

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