Community HPV Advocate

In 2006 my life changed dramatically. At a routine pap test I found out that I was pregnant. I was overjoyed! I’ve always dreamt of creating a miracle. However, that was just sugar coating drizzled over the hell I was about to walk into.
Whilst on vacation a week later, I received a call from Princess Margaret Hospital, informing me that it is was imperative that I call them as soon as possible. I returned the phone call and set up an appointment to go over my results with the gynecologist. At that appointment I was diagnosed with Stage 4 HPV, pre-cancerous and cancerous cells on my cervix, and I was a few day away from being 4 months pregnant. Within 3 weeks I experienced joy, loss, grief and shame.
As a Community HPV Advocate, my mission is to utilize my experience to assist with spreading awareness of the impact this virus can cause. It’s like a thief in the night – silent and ruthless.
My hope is that with raising awareness, less and less young people will have a similar  experience… or even a fatal one.