H+N Cancer Thriver & Advocate

John-Peter is a socially responsible entrepreneur. For public and private companies, he has served as CEO, Executive Chair, board member, strategic/investment advisor in cannabis, psychedelic medicine, telecommunications, resource, pet, oncology. As a deal maker, he has helped raise hundreds of millions; has created businesses dedicated to creating jobs and investment opportunities for both economically entitled and disadvantaged.

As Executive Chair, he helped architect the sale of Natura Naturals Inc. to Tilray in 2019. he was Executive Chair at Stanley Brothers Holdings, the THC-focused brother company to Charlotte’s Web. He has a substantive executive understanding of the cannabis and emerging psychedelic industry, as well as compliance, distribution, and governance. He is fluent in medical regulatory and research matters.

He coordinated the development of the Inuit land claim, the basis for the creation of Nunavut, Canada’s newest territory; was a principal advisor for infrastructure renewal at the Canadian House of Commons, Supreme Court of Canada, Canadian Commercial Corporation, Medical Research Council of Canada, Immigration Refugee Board, and others. He co-founded LSTN (Life-Saving Therapies Network), a non-profit, patient-led network focused on getting people with lethal diseases faster access to better treatments.

He co-founded, was president of Rochdale College, and helped establish Greenpeace’s Save the Whales campaign in Eastern Canada. As a volunteer, he has fed the disadvantaged, co-chaired the Lung Cancer Canada Advocacy Committee, served on the Research Advisory Committee of the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, and the Cancer Care Advisory Committee of the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation.

“Journeys in Cancerland”, his book with Lisa Newman, was published in 2012. His articles have appeared in peer-reviewed scientific journals (oncology; drug regulations; psychopharmacology, animal behavior), magazines, and newspapers (social policy/commentary, thought pieces). He is a Fellow of the Institute of Certified Management Consultants (Ontario), has a B.A. (Psychology), M.A. (Experimental Psychology), A.B.D. (Experimental Psychology/ Psychopharmacology), and a Ph.D. (Psychology and Community Services). He has been an active psychopharmacological researcher for 50+ years.

He has been a social activist, patient advocate, psychotherapist and mediator, businessman, management consultant, scientist/academic, cancer survivor, full-time palliative caregiver, author.