Web Developer


Imran Rafai has over 15 years experience in Information Technology. Having started his career as a Level 3 tech support for the US bank – JP Morgan Chase & Co., Imran has climbed the corporate ladder and spent most of his career as an IT Project manger. He has a Bachelors of Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration. He is also a tech entrepreneur.

He is a self-taught web developer, having developed a website when he was 14 in the year 1998. He also loves programming and well-versed with C/C++, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, VB, Dart.

Imran always believed in giving back to the community and founded NetworKing, a YouTube Partner providing free Cisco training for students from across the globe. With over 25 million views and over 320,000 subscribers, Imran has helped numerous individuals start a career in computer networking.

Imran is a new immigrant to Canada and currently lives in Calgary, Alberta. He likes to spend his free time creating apps, games & websites. 

Know more about him here: www.imranrafai.com