QC Cancer Patient Advocate

Eva Villalba is the Executive Director of the Quebec Cancer Coalition, a non-profit patient advocacy group dedicated to improving the Quebec healthcare system for people affected by cancer. Since 2008, she has been involved in healthcare charities, advocacy groups, and non-profits. She graduated from McGill University with double majors in Psychology and Applied Linguistics, then completed an MBA from HEC Montréal to apply best business practices to the non-profit sector. She is currently completing an MSc. in Health Care Transformation at the UT Austin – Value Institute for Health & Care with the goal of sharing Value-Based Health Care (VBHC) expertise in Quebec and Canada. Eva is passionate about good governance, government relations, public policy, community impact, healthcare transformation, and social innovation.

Eva has been a member of HPV Global Action since 2015 because she believes strongly that we have a chance of eradicating cervical cancer in our lifetime and dramatically lowering the rates of HPV-related cancers. As a value-based healthcare expert, she understands the importance and value of prioritizing and investing in prevention and early diagnosis for achieving the best health outcomes for people affected by cancer. Eva is a strong advocate for HPV prevention and screening policies and is proud to be part of the significant impact that HPV Global Action is making in Canada and abroad on the lives of those affected.