The Colorectal Cancer Resource & Action Network is the most trusted colorectal cancer patient and caregiver network in Canada. We champion the health and the well-being of Canadians touched by colorectal cancer and others at risk of developing the disease by providing a “SEA” of services: SupportEducation and Advocacy.

We increase awareness on the prevalence of colorectal cancer, including Canadians under 50 years of age, and promote participation in screening programs to help prevent colorectal cancer. We provide evidence-based programming to help guide informed decision-making that may ultimately reduce the burden of cancer in Canada.

We relentlessly advocate for equal and timely access to effective therapies to improve cancer patient outcomes by making Health Technology Assessment (HTA) patient evidence submissions across multiple tumour types on behalf of:
i. Patient advocacy groups who may not have the capacity to make these critically important submissions or
ii. Within therapeutic areas where there is no representative patient advocacy group

CCRAN is dedicated to improving the longevity and quality of life for all cancer patients in Canada.