Community Liaison

Aqsa is an international medical graduate (IMG) from Pakistan. Currently, she is working as physician for a telemedicine program in Pakistan. In Canada, she worked as a research trainee at ChuQ and research intern in gyneonc unit at Jewish General Hospital

She developed deep interest in HPV awareness and education during internship at JGH where she used to analyze the clinical outcome of patients presenting with cervical cancer. She truly believes that cervical cancer can be prevented/diagnosed at early stage through public awareness about STIS including HPV, availability of HPV vaccine and routine Pap smear. As a volunteer she is enthusiastic to act as community liaison and spread the awareness about HPV. “Vaccine is a proven tool to prevent HPV infection, and hence cervical cancer. It is also effective in preventing HPV linked  cancers in men as well. Being a mother, I have plans to vaccinate both my kids.