Community Liaison

Maria Wu is an entrepreneur and philanthropist residing in Calgary, Canada. 

With 20+ years’ experience working in the medical field, Maria has a deep multi lens understanding of the systems and processes of the administrator, healthcare provider and patient.
Maria desires to improve the Canadian healthcare system through education. She believes that through the acquisition of knowledge, individuals can be emboldened to advocate for access and equitable health.

Maria Wu shares her successful business strategies formulated on integrity and gathering community as a member of the Forbes business development Council and the Hong Kong Canada Business Association.  


Founder of Maud Medical Clinic  

Advancing vaginal health through body and biology.  

Founder and President of WE ARE MAUD Foundation, nonprofit organization aimed to advocate & educate for healthcare Equity and Access 

Partner of Velocity Injury Medical Clinic  

Multidisciplinary rehabilitation clinic advocating for those injured in a motor vehicle collision.  

Partner of Probity Medical Management 

Physician consulting and billing agency 

Partner of Alberta Pediatric Consultant Clinics