Chief Executive Officer


Amélie McFadyen is one of the driving forces behind HPV Global Action. With a Masters in Sexology- Research and Intervention from Université du Québec à Montréal and a wealth of professional experience spanning from executive directorship to lecturing, Amélie is at the forefront of HPV education and advocacy.

In her role as Chief Executive Officer of HPV Global Action, Amélie spearheads innovative programs, collaborates with international organizations, and facilitates access to free and equitable HPV vaccination and cervical screening programs for all, worldwide. Her leadership extends beyond organizational management; she provides expert guidance on sexual and reproductive health matters, leveraging her background in research and community engagement to drive meaningful change.

Amélie’s contributions have been recognized through various awards and honors, underscoring her dedication to improving public health outcomes. From adapting sexual health programs for diverse communities to collaborating with international organizations, her work embodies a commitment to innovation and inclusivity in the pursuit of global sexual and reproductive health equity.

With a focus on evidence-based interventions and collaborative partnerships, Amélie McFadyen continues to be a driving force in the fight against HPV-related and other gynecological cancers.


COVID-19 Won’t Be the Last (Or Worst) Pandemic: It’s Time to Build Resilience Into Our Cervical Cancer Elimination Goals
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What can NGOs do in communicating HPV prevention

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