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Des cancers non détectés dans la «nouvelle normalité»–nouvelle-normalite?fbclid=IwAR1CuiKc5sS1-JW0lLamuFmTXxStG9cH7_c0OYb3_B4YydJrbJZXtWWMeGI... Read More

A Brave New World of Gender Inclusion

Hovering over us every day is a thick cloud of social pollution – these preconceived notions about sexuality and gender. Just like any other pollutant that, if not eliminated, ends up destroying whatever pristine environment is in its path, if these preconceived notions go unchallenged and uncorrected, they will erase any hope we have of...... Read More

Why is the “friendzone” concept harmful?

In the last few years the Internet has been filled with frustrated people (mostly men), because they were “friendzoned” by the person they like (mostly women), even though they’re “just so nice”! So why is linking the concepts of friend zoning and being nice so harmful? Well, for starters, what is “friendzoning”? On the Internet...... Read More