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Evaluation of our Healthy Relationships_101 Presentation

In schools where our presentation is delivered, we implement a research project with the objective of assessing students’ attitudes, behaviours, perceptions and knowledge of sexual health topics, before our program, followed by an evaluation one month later. This evaluation is designed to measure the effectiveness of our program and determine the benefits to health outcomes for participants. The key to gauging the impact and effectiveness of our program is tracking knowledge retention, change in perceptions and behaviour modifications. This evaluation will allow us to continue to disseminate appropriate core  sexual health knowledge, giving youth the tools to act more responsibly in practicing safer sexual health and developing healthier relationships.


Collaboration with Dr. Zeev Rosberger Senior Investigator, Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research, Associate Professor, Departments of Oncology, Psychiatry and Psychology, McGill University

This Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) funded project is entitled: Ensuring a Successful Transition from Pap to HPV DNA Testing in Primary Cervical Cancer Screening: Exploring and Listening to Canadian Women’s Needs is Critical for Effective Public Policy Change. The overarching aim is to understand what Canadian women know about current cervical cancer screening (i.e., Pap testing) practices and the newer, innovative HPV DNA testing methods of screening for cervical cancer. Our organization is a critical member of this team who is uniquely experienced and best positioned to carry out this research building on a decade of research surrounding HPV vaccination and HPV testing.