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Educational Programs


Sexual Health Presentations

We offer comprehensive sexual health programs and presentations disseminating and communicating important knowledge about the human papillomavirus (HPV), the vaccines available, screening, and HPV-related cancers that include cancers of the tonsils, vocal cords, tongue, throat, anus, cervix, vulva, vagina and penis and overall sexual health. We empower populations worldwide to have healthier relationships by reaching across cultural, geographical and ideological barriers with clear, simple, evidence-based education for persons of all ages, health care professionals and public health agencies.

The Sex Information & Education Council of Canada (SIECCAN) has found that complete sexual health education, such as our presentation, can lead to an increase in use of prevention methods, including vaccination and the HPV test. In spite of this, the latest information disseminated around HPV vaccination and HPV testing has yet to turn towards empowering the general public. We hope to change and expand on that through proper educational interventions like ours.

Our presentations and programs based on healthy relationships for Canadians of all demographics and ages. Currently, our education programs reach approximately 100,000 Canadians. We also share ways to communicate about HPV messaging with over 3,600 professionals annually.

Feedback: School Presentations

“The staff was really interested in the info. at the beginning regarding HPV testing and vaccination. This is

something that is more of a general population interest, not only to schools, but I could tell they appreciated being

more informed. I feel like Teresa set a good example for the approach we can take and how to speak to students in

a short, direct manner. I also appreciated that she moves the focus away from concepts such as virginity and

intercourse and toward the idea of what it means to be sexually active. This brings the conversation to behaviours

and risks from a health perspective, rather than ethics and judgments.

I am looking forward to having Teresa back to work with students. I think it will be a necessary next step in this

process. Thanks for your willingness to travel the distance to Gaspé!”

-Carla Shaw, Principal

“Your presentation was amazing. It not only educated me about HPV, but also made me realize many things. It was

a complete eye opening.”

– Anonymous student

“The feedback from the students is always positive. I have had the pleasure of having Teresa present to my class on

numerous occasions. I call her back every year because her presentation is so interesting and informative.

I have many students approach me because of STI and pregnancy scares. As well, the condoms she brings are in

much demand in the school. I even have students who are not mine ask for condoms.

Teresa is engaging and fantastic with the students, I look forward to her presentation every year!”

– Sandra Topping, teacher

“The youths are thinking, the responsibility they have to themselves that sex is not a « dirty word ,» but a

« responsibility .» We had a youth workshop, « Life in our community ,» it turned into a very good discussion and

positive thinking on do’s and don’ts that affect their lives, discussion on sex, teen pregnancy, STDs. It was a very

good discussion, I am sure that your workshop started them thinking in the right direction and open and to the

heart. A big thank you for coming to our community and for the work that you do, and instilling that responsibility

they have “proactive life.”

– Clayton Cheechoo


Public Webinars through the Huddol Platform

Healthy relationships and HPV-themed programs are offered in webinar settings through the Huddol platform. All webinars have portions elaborating on what HPV is, the cancers linked to HPV, genital warts, respiratory papillomatosis, HPV vaccination and have a specific emphasis on the importance of cervical cancer screening. This information is presented in a simplistic way, providing more clarity so that, with time, public perception will be moved to embrace and push for access to the latest innovative prevention tools – the HPV test instead of archaic pap smears.

Public Webinars through the CIDC Platform

Programs will be given in webinar settings to frontline primary healthcare professionals, and will elaborate on effective communication of HPV-related topics. Target audience will include individuals working in women centers, social workers, sexologists, youth clinic workers, CLSC workers, etc. These webinars will help frontline workers communicate better with the general public on HPV-related topics in a way that will incite behavior modification.

Our Organization’s Webinars

Webinars allow our programs to reach a maximum number of individuals across the country. We are creating webinars for different groups of interest, the general public through community based online communities and others with the CIDC that will be downloadable and designed to support caregivers to deliver HPV information to patients effectively.