Community Liaison

Community Liaison RNBN, Healthy Learners nurse for Horizon Health Network

Tracey loves all things health and wellness. Working as a registered nurse for 37 years with Horizon Health Network, Tracey found her passion for helping people to obtain optimal health and wellness. For 24 years, she worked in neonatal and saw firsthand the importance of health promotion and disease prevention. Tracey worked with families to improve their health either through health education or advocating for their needs. Currently, Tracey is working as a Public Health, Healthy Learners nurse. She works in partnership with Anglophone South School District in New Brunswick. Instead of working with one family at a time, she now works with schools and community partners to support and improve the health and wellness of students, families and staff across the school district. Her love of health and wellness for all is also part of her daily life outside of work. Tracey is a certified yoga instructor and she volunteers her time  teaching yoga at a local community center. When she isn’t working to promote health and wellness, Tracey and Graeme, her husband of 34 years, love to spend time together with their two daughters and three grandchildren.