Social Media Coordinator

¡Hola! I’m Abraham Carreno, a passionate graphic designer from Mexico weaving creativity into the digital realm as a Social Media Coordinator. With over 13 years of experience in Advertising and Marketing, my journey has been a vibrant tapestry of design, strategy, and advocacy.


In the streets of Toronto, I currently serve as a Graphic Designer for Humber Hawks, infusing life into social media graphics that celebrate the spirit of games and showcase the prowess of talented athletes. On the freelance frontier, at The Royal Studio, I work traditional and online ads, breathing life into content that resonates. In the aisles of The Home Depot in Mexico, I honed my skills in advertising, producing content that graced national TV, radio, and digital channels.


Academically, I’m on a quest at Humber College, delving into the world of Marketing Management. However, life is more than just pixels and promotions—it’s about making a difference.


Volunteering is my heartbeat. At the Centre for Spanish Speaking Peoples in Toronto, I dive into the delicate topic of sexual health, developing and delivering workshops that empower and educate. As an Activist with the LGBT+ Coalition Sonora, I champion the cause of love and equality, advocating for policy changes and crafting compelling graphics that speak louder than words.


Diverciudad A.C. holds a piece of my heart, where I’ve steered a ship towards comprehensive HIV prevention and care through a robust training program. Steering a team of 30+ volunteers, I co-directed the 2023 Pride Parade, transforming the streets into a canvas of celebration and acceptance.


And now, my journey aligns with HPV Global Action. Why? Because prevention matters. As a Social Media Coordinator, I embark on a mission to amplify voices, foster engagement, and spread awareness. Thirsty for the Talk, I navigate the digital realm to ensure our message reaches far and wide.


Join me as we revolutionize social media, one post at a time.