We offer comprehensive sexual and reproductive health programs through presentations delivered in forum settings based on healthy relationships for audiences of all ages and demographics.

  • Puberty program: For Grades 5 & 6, this introduces basic sexual and reproductive health and relationships.
  • Pre-adolescent program: For Grades 7 & 8. this is the continuation initiating discussions by addressing the curiosities of pre-teens.
  • High school presentation: Healthy Relationships_101 offers a deep-dive into the A to Z of sexual health and relationships.
  • Post-secondary presentation: Undoes misconceptions and provides links to sexual and reproductive health resources.



“I thought I’d let you know that your performance was marvelous!

You told me some new things that I’m glad I was told!

Another thing I also liked was how you said everything simply like how us kids talk these days.

It made it a lot more entertaining and straight forward.

We were lucky to have you. I will be sure to contact you with any questions or concerns I may have.”

~Grade 9 Langley Secondary School student, British Columbia


“I just wanted to say that your presentation was really, really good.

You have a lot of power in your voice
and in your presentation.

I really liked it.

Everyone else’s presentation about sex was boring and I lost interest
but yours, I paid attention the whole time.

I just wish we had more time for you to talk. Your presentation had a lot of emotion.

I wish other people had the time to inform us on these topics or even more

important topics. I just wanted to say thank you! I hope you go to more schools…now.”

~Grade 10, North Nova student, Nova Scotia


“I’m going to ask my mom if she gets her Pap test and if not, make sure she gets it done now… She was blunt and told us how it was.  She was the best health presenter I ever heard.

The information was presented in a way like I never heard before… it was easy to understand and remember.”

~Grade 11, Northwest School Division student, Saskatchewan


“The information was very relevant to our students; it was very engaging for both students and staff. Student participation was helpful in addition to the use of videos and props. It all worked to keep the students interested. To keep teenagers listening for 90 minutes straight is impressive to say the least, especially surrounded by all of their peers.”

~Shannon Smith, Moncton High School Counsellor for Grade 9- 11, New Brunswick


“The teachers and students appreciated the presentation. It was on point and the content was exact.”

~Denise Godin, Principal, Ste-Foy Elementary School, Quebec


“Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with the kids!!”

~Dawne Tomlinson, Principal, Langley Secondary School, British Columbia


“This was the second year that Teresa Norris presented Healthy Relationships-101 to our high school students. Last year, one of our high schools was a pilot school for the Sexuality Pilot Project from the Ministry. We found it very difficult to recruit teachers to handle some of the more sensitive topics and were so pleased to find someone to handle it with a seamless presentation. That was time very well spent with those students !! We look forward to working with Ms. Norris in the future. ”

~Diane Donnelly, Education Consultant, New Frontiers School Board, Quebec


“The staff and adults appreciated what you had to say….I know when I was a teenager, I would have appreciated hearing an adult speak about sex the way you did. Also, we felt that the info wasn’t too young for Grade 7’s. It was a good intro to the facts about sex. They hear and see all sorts of things on the TV and Internet, and so I think they were a lucky group to hear the reality and nip some of those distorted ideas in the bud.”
~Jennifer Klassen, Northwest School Division, Saskatchewan