We’re happy to be partnered with various organizations in our mutual goal to help Canadians live healthier lives.


Their focus is ongoing development of practice guidelines, training standards and research goals in this key area of women’s healthcare – in particular women’s cancer care – are in large part due to the tireless work of the over 200 members of GOC, the Society of Gynecologic Oncologists of Canada.


CIDC is an active leader in HPV prevention and supports medical experts from Canada and around the world in the prevention and control of HPV-related diseases. Staff have worked extensively in HPV knowledge synthesis, translation and exchange.


Huddol is a place where you meet amazing people finding help and becoming the best versions of themselves.  Connect with people who have been there and our network of supportive professionals.

Join the sexual well-being community on Huddol: https://www.huddol.com/SexualWellbeing
Get answers to your sexual health and relationships question while remaining anonymous.


Nurses Without Borders (NWB www.iisf.ca) is a registered non-profit charitable organization
(NPO) in the Québec Entreprise Register (REQ) and the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).
NWB brings together, as a corporation, nurses and any other health care professional or
persons interested in initiatives in harmony with the NWB Charter.
NWB is an apolitical, areligious, impartial, Eco-responsible organization that adheres to the
principle of gender equality. It supports interdisciplinary initiatives that specifically promote
global citizenship education.
NWB, promotes practices of excellence and quality in the field of international cooperation
and solidarity, mutual capacity building and sustainable development, notably through
training, teaching and research.

Friends of HPV Global Action